70″ Pro Series™ Underbody Tool Box with Half Shelf & Jack Bracket



How's this for tough, the door on this tool box has a 400lb rating so you can use it as a step. The 70" Tool box has proven to be that right-sized box for many applications. At 70" long, 18" tall and 18" deep you get lots of storage in a box that will fit just about anywhere. This box comes with a single latch but has two internal rotary door strikers to keep the door securely closed and sealed from the weather. Like all our Pro Series Boxes, the 70" box comes pre-drilled for all In The Ditch accessories. Just pop out the plastic plug in the pre-drilled holes and bolt the accessory on. From a bolt-on storage fender to a bolt on shelf; having your tool box set up the way you want it has never been easier. Watch the video to learn why the Pro Series boxes were built for those of you who make your living with your trucks. *Includes our Pre-Installed ITD1341, 70" Half Shelf and ITD1284, Slide In Jack Bracket.


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Features & Benefits

  • Drip channel and automotive bulb seal for a tough, weatherproof box.
  • Pre-cut Locations to easily install standard 7″ oval lights.
  • Pre-drilled for In The Ditch™ accessories. Just pop out the plastic plug and bolt in your favorite accessory. No drilling, no measuring – it’s that simple.
  • In The Ditch™ exclusive stainless steel ‘No Maintenance’ hinges.
  • Single paddle latch makes it easy to open box with one hand and Dual 2-Stage rotary latches ensure a good seal when closing.
  • All Pro Series™ Tool boxes are made from 1/8″ thick aluminum – that’s twice as thick as most other boxes.
  • Replaceable stainless steel panel on door front.
  • Tool Box door can be used as a step and has a 400 lb. load rating.

Dimension Sheet

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Product Manual

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