SP9000 – SP Series™ Sidepuller®

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The Patented SP9000™ is designed for those who want a more customized installation. We provide you the SP9000™ with everything except our Valve Body and Hydraulic Hoses, giving you the option of providing your own custom Hydraulic Controls. Typically this application is for those who order their Car Carrier or Wrecker with Factory Installed SidePuller® Controls. The SP9000™ Includes Center Recovery Boom Head – Outer Removable Recovery Boom Head – Light Bar Mounting Base - 9,000 lb Winch with Tensioner Plate - Winch Free Spool with Easy Reach Handle - 3/8” x 100 ft Wire Rope – Winch Light - Adjustable SP Mounting Base– Installation Hardware - ITD Endurance™ Powder Coat Black Finish - Polished Stainless Steel Rear Panel - Stainless Steel Pins - Galvanized Feet - Decal Package – Operation Manual (Online) – Shipping Stand.


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Features & Benefits

  • Optional Vehicle Specific Mounting Plates make installation much easier.
  • 3 new adjustable height light pylons, designed for the SP9000™. You can have a lightbar mounting height that is proportionate with the truck improving looks and aerodynamics of your truck.
  • New Stabilizer Leg gives more ground clearance when the leg is retracted while still maintaining full extension for those difficult recoveries.
  • Galvanized Stabilizer Foot Easily Converts from pavement Pad to Ground Penetrating Grouser.
  • Stainless Steel Pins prevent rust and make maintenance easier.
  • Winch Free Spool with Easy Reach Handle
  • Warn 9000lb Planetary Winch with Tensioner and 100ft of 3/8” wire rope.
  • Exclusive Removable Boom Head allows incredible recovery options.
  • Ability to Pull from Center of the unit or off the side
  • 10 Anchor Points to anchor your Snatch Blocks for that perfect line angle
  • Powder Coated in our “ITD Endurance Black Finish”
  • Stainless Steel Accent Panel with Built in LED Winch Light
  • Industries Largest Customer Support Network of Dealers

Dimension Sheet

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Product Manual

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Where can I purchase a SidePuller®?

You can purchase your SidePuller® from any Authorized In The Ditch SidePuller® Distributor. We do not sell direct to end users but we would be glad to help you with any questions you may have.

Is the SP Series SidePuller® Patented?

Yes! Patented under US Patent No. 8192135B2

How do you feel when competitors say their design is stronger because they use larger square tube for their main structure?

Please understand we could use larger tube as the main structure, but why add size and weight when it is not needed? We have been working for years in the towing industry to make equipment lighter and stronger to keep axle weights down. Many Car Carriers are pushing Legal Weight Limits as it is. It makes no sense to make things bigger when it is not necessary. We are very proud to have the lightest model in the industry!

Why do you think other manufacturers make a big deal about being "stronger & having a bigger structure" than the SP9000™?

I can only guess that it is based on marketing and advertising. If you look at being able to scale a wrecker or carrier on a 26,000 GVWR chassis, you would see that being heavier than the SP9000™ is nothing to brag about. Think about it. If 6″ tube is better than 4.5″, then why not use 8?”, or “Hey lets go to 10″ tube size!” Where do you draw the line? We have over 1,000 units in the field using the 4.5″ tube size with ZERO reported failures. To claim that a design is stronger and heavier because of bigger tubing than the SP9000™, I say WHY?

Why did you not make a swinging boom with a fixed boom head?

It’s all about having choices when doing a recovery. With our design, you can pull straight back from the center boom head, something no one else can do. If you have a wrecker, you can run the winch line straight back and have an extra line off the wrecker boom. If you have a carrier, you can have the SP9000™ winch line pull straight back along with the carrier winch to help pull items up the deck. Just by using the center boom head, you have almost 180 degrees of straight out pulling ability & almost 90 degrees of up and down pulling ability. No one in the industry can match that!

Why did you make the outer boom head removable?

Again, it’s about giving the operator choices. By installing the outer boom head, you can pull forward, backwards, and down. The possibilities are endless with our design. For over 15 years we have been listening to the people who are using the SidePuller® every day and they love having multiple recovery options that you get from either pulling directly off the center boom head or by using the outer boom head.

Can other models in the same class pull more than the SP9000™?

Do you mean in more directions? Absolutely not. No other brand has the ability to pull in as many directions as the SP9000™!

Ok, no one can match the SP9000™ in pulling directions, but what about just raw pulling power?

If the chassis all weighed the same the SP9000™ would pull more. You need to understand that what is important here is the tipping moment. The tipping moment is when you are pulling over the side and the opposite side of the truck starts to come off the ground. The only way to increase pulling power over the side is to widen the stiff leg stance, lower the height of the pulling point, increase vehicle weight or change pulling point to the center of the SidePuller®. By pulling from the Center Boom Head there is virtually no tipping moment. It has unbelievable abilities.

What about those who say you should put a 10,000lb winch on the SP9000™?

Well if they want a 10,000lb winch, why not go with 11,000lb, or better yet, why not a 50,000lb winch? I mean, where does it stop? If you need a bigger winch buy a SP12,000™ or a SP20,000™. These are models that were designed to do more work. Their structure size and strength was increased as well as chassis GVWR requirements to handle the increased loads. Putting a bigger winch on a SP9000™ is like putting two 4-barrel carburetors on a stock V6 engine and expecting a performance gain.

Explain The Differences between the SP9000™ with Integrated Controls and the SP9000™.

Let’s Start with the SP9000™ with Integrated Controls. We made this unit to be a totally self-contained, plug and play unit. We have already installed the valve body and plumbed everything. We also pre-wired the Wireless Remote Control system. All you need to do is mount the SidePuller®, supply incoming Hydraulic Pressure, add a Return line and supply 12 volt Power. That’s it; we’ve done everything else. Now let’s talk about the SP9000™. When you order a new wrecker or carrier from a manufacturer, you can have it equipped with extra controls. These controls are generally factory installed near the rear of the chassis. We offer the SP9000™ without integrated controls (which means that this unit does not include a Valve Body or wireless remote control), for those who wish to plumb these factory installed controls directly to their SP9000™. All that is needed is to run hydraulic hoses from your wrecker or carrier’s valve body to the SP Stabilizer Leg Cylinders and Winch. This is a job that we recommend that you turn to your local Towing Equipment Dealership to do.

Does the SP9000™ come with a Light Pylon?

The SP9000™ does not come with a Light Pylon, however it does come standard with a Light Pylon Mounting Base. If you want to add a Light Bar Pylon, you can order one of our optional Light Bar Pylons. All of our SP Light Pylons will bolt directly to the SP9000™ Light Pylon mounting base.

Why should I buy a SP9000™ For My Carrier or Wrecker?

If you think about peace of mind and increased profits, the SP9000™ will give you both. Imagine getting that police call when you are in a Car Carrier equipped with the Recovery Abilities that the SP9000™ offers. You will not have to worry if you have the right piece of equipment, you can go to the scene with confidence that you can get the job done. No one in the industry has more experience in using the SidePuller® than we do. We will give you sound advice and will be here day after day to help you with any service problems that you may have. At In The Ditch we are committed to the Towing Industry and all of you who are out there day and night making your living “In The Ditch.”

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