SP Series Swept Wing Pylon – 91” Wide

SKU: ITD4734


The SP Series Swept Wing Pylon was designed for those who want the maximum in Looks, Performance, and Lighting options. We made this Light Pylon 91” wide so you could get your lights out to the side of your truck. With the swept wings, you not only get good looks, but you also get a perfect place to mount additional warning lights. We also laser cut holes in the underside of the pylon so you could easily mount alley lights on the swept wings. We also include stainless steel accent panels so you can cover up the wiring on the underside of the pylon. We paint this pylon in our Endurance™ Powder Coat Black finish so it is ready to go when you receive it.


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Features & Benefits

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Standard stainless steel mounting hardware
  • 91″ Wide!
  • Designed to Fit all SP-Series™ SP9000, SP12000, & SP20000 Models
  • ITD Endurance™ Powder Coat Black finish
  • Laser cut holes for mounting work lights

Product Dimensions

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