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General Bulletin

New Inventive Facility Nears Completion!

Published by In The Ditch

We thought we would share a sneak peek of the new Inventive-Group facility as the construction progresses along.

Fast Progress

September 2020

January 2021

From three employees to now more than 100 people and manufacturing products to ship around the world, In The Ditch has grown exponentially, and now, the next step in our growth nears completion. We set out to build a state of the art facility, and fast progress was made to reach our goal.

Consisting of 62,000 sq. ft of manufacturing floor and 40,000 sq. ft of office space on 6 acres of land, this was a massive undertaking that we were glad to bring you along for. This nearly two football fields of building will house all four brands in the Inventive-Group: In The DitchTM, Razorback OffroadTM, InventiveTM Products, and Fish FighterTM Products.

Additionally, brand new equipment has been shipped and training has slowly started to take place as construction finishes. In a few more months, we hope to begin the process of moving in.

Mazak Laser

Our brand new Mazak lasers are completely automated. At the end of December, we held our first Mazak training to go over the Remmert Software that allows the user to see a complete overview of the machine and how each station is performing.

Closeup of Our Automated Powder Coating Rack

Full View of the Automated Powder Coating Rack

Another exciting feature is our automated powder coating rack! Our powder coating department has gone to great lengths to improve department procedures.

A Trip Upstairs

While downstairs will house our new gym and shop, upstairs will be the entire office space. Insulation has now been added, and soon, ceiling tiles will be hung.

For lunch breaks and to look over the nearby mountains, we included an outside patio right next to Chuck’s future office. Additionally, upstairs will have multiple meeting rooms with state-of-the-art “computerized” white boards, or “Smart boards”.

As the end draws closer, the glass will be put up in the facility gym, upstairs drywall will be hung, desks moved in, and phone cords hooked up. Training on new equipment will continue and production will fully commence in the new facility as the previous building is reused for new means. As everything comes to a close, we hope to hold an opening ceremony and welcome the community into our paradise.