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Charge by the Pound

Published by In The Ditch

Assigning Value to a Job

"I am about to go down a road that has been traveled so many times; the ruts are so deep you do not even have to steer. But I am brave and have decided to go down it one more time and take a few of you with me. The subject is: Invoicing by Weight.”

By Charles “Chuck” Ceccare. . . Read More!

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Winching from the Side

Published by In The Ditch

Here is a brief history of the research and development of how the SP8000 came to be and how it works in real life situations.

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Master of Design

Published by In The Ditch

Chuck Ceccarelli would rather talk about his towing inventions than his upbringing but in many ways the two are inseparable. For instance, how did a boy who left home at 14 wind up selling custom wreckers and owning a state-of-the art design and manufacturing company of towing products, a place where anyone can yell “Wiffleball!” at any time and everyone takes two at-bats in the parking lot? And how did that b. . . Read More!

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