X-Series 4th Gen Axle

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The Most Advanced Dolly Axle in the World! 

Quickly Get off the road with the new X-Series 4th Gen Axle

When responding to calls, the last thing we want is to spend a lot of time on the shoulder. The In The Ditch® Dollies and the new X-Series 4th Gen Axles are the perfect combination for reliable, durable, long lasting towing. And they keep getting better. The fourth generation of In The Ditch® Dolly Axles is the most advanced dolly axle in the world.

What modifications have we made to the X-Series 4th Gen Axle

The new X-Series 4th Gen Axle is WIDER than ever. Not only is the Gen 4 Axle wider, but it is also now more CAPABLE at towing mid-sized SUVs and cars with wider stances than ever before. It maintains the same number of adjustment holes using a stainless-steel snap button. With new design changes, the gen 4 axle is more DURABLE to handle the rigors of towing. Our custom extruded aluminum tubing now features a stainless-steel rivet design. The new axle caps feature a more ergonomic design with a built-in handle, while maintaining the positive camber feature that’s proven to help dolly tire and bearing longevity. Optional T-Handle available to pair with our tunnel box mounts: Click Here. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. With Almost 20 years of dolly manufacturing experience, you can rest assured you are getting the best axle on the planet.

To some, it’s just another dolly axle. To us, it's our everything.



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* Priced for two axles

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Features & Benefits

  • 88.75” total Width
  • X-Series Design with 5 Adjustment Holes
  • Stainless Steel Snap Button Axle Lock
  • Positive Camber Axle Caps
  • Optional T-Handle accessory for improved grip and also to hang Axles from our ASTM Mount
  • Custom Extruded Aluminum is lightweight and strong
  • 2,000lb Capacity at Full Extension per Axle. 4,000lb Extended Capacity as a set
  • ITD Endurance Powder Coated Axle Caps
  • Fabricated Tire Plate is Designed to work perfect with our Speed Spacer
  • 30-day money back guarantee

X-Series Gen 4 Axle

Product Dimensions

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Product Manual

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