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The Tilt-N-Slide under-body slide-out Dolly storage mount was designed to be low, fast, and easy to use. One of the things drivers like about this Dolly mount is that the Dolly can be slid out and serviced without taking it out of the mount. Another feature is that it puts the Dolly in the perfect ergonomic position for the driver to lift up. The Tilt-N-Slide is available in our Endurance™ Powder Coat Black Finish. This mount also has a pre-installed Vice Action Lock installed. Sold as each.


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Features & Benefits

  • Weather Resistant
  • Fits ITD Speed® Dollies
  • Protects your Speed® Dollies from snow, ice and road debris
  • Weather Resistant
  • Patented

ITD1350 Tilt N Slide 2

Product Dimensions

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Product Manual

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