Single Plier Holder

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Keep your pliers close to hand and ready to use with our Plier Holders, available in three models to hold 1, 2, or 3 pliers. If you’re tired of wasting time searching through crowded toolbox drawers for the specific set of pliers you need then these racks are what you’ve been looking for. Keep them out front and center, ready to use and professionally displayed. Designed to securely hold a wide variety of pliers types and sizes while clearly displaying the entire tool for quick reference and retrieval. Aluminum alloy construction and our Endurance™ Black Powder Coat Finish keep your Pliers Mount looking sharp even after years of faithful service. Easily mount to any flat surface in your garage or trailer. We designed these for use in our manufacturing facility and put a lot of thought into getting everything just right. Like most of the products we make, we designed them because no one seemed to build what we wanted that actually worked. *Mounting hardware not included

*Mounting Hardware Not Included


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Features & Benefits

  • Built to securely hold most pliers and provide quick access and clean storage
  • Open vertical design maintains easy reference to grab the right pliers at a glance
  • Available in three models to hold 1, 2, or 3 pliers
  • Can be mounted to any flat surface in your garage or trailer including metal, drywall, pegboard, and wood
  • Made from Aluminum and Powder Coated in our Endurance Black Finish
  • Designed by us, tested, and used daily in our own facility

140 In The Ditch Garage Plier Holder 1 ITD1842

Product Dimensions

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