Heavy Duty Curved Surface Grab Handle

SKU: ITD1671


Ever wished you had that perfect grab handle in the just right location. Wish NO MORE! In The Ditch has come up with just what you're looking for. We designed our grab Handles to work with bare hands or gloved hands because we know our customers come in all sizes and work in all kinds of weather. We made these Grab Handles from Aircraft Grade Aluminum and incorporate a solid Billet Aluminum Handle that will last for generations to come. We also include stainless steel fasteners and give this mount a 300lb load rating. Remember though, it's up to you to mount it to a surface that can support the load. We offer these mounts in two styles. Our ITD1672 is designed to mount to Flat Surfaces while the ITD1671 is designed to mount to curved surfaces.

*Mounting Hardware Not Included


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Features & Benefits

  • 300lb load rating (limited to surface mounted to)
  • Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • ITD1672 is Designed to mount to any Flat Surface
  • ITD1671 is Designed to mount to any Curved Surface
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Easy Grab Feature works with or without Gloves On

ITD1671 Curved Grab Handle 2

Product Dimensions

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