8″ Zip Tie Organizer

SKU: ITD1813


We offer models to hold 4”, 6”, 8”, and 14” length ties and a combination organizer to hold all 4 lengths. Our combination zip tie holder is a great way to not only store all your zip ties, it works great to keep your ties organized and easy to access. Made from steel and with a powder coated in a black finish, so you know it’s built tough. You can install our Zip Tie Holders on any flat surface in your garage or trailer. Choose pegboard mounting screws, dry wall screws, metal screws or wood screws to mount the zip tie mount, it’s your choice. We designed these for use in our manufacturing facility and put a lot of thought into getting everything just right. Like most of the products we make, we designed them because no one seemed to build what we wanted that actually worked.

*Mounting Hardware Not Included


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Features & Benefits

  • Come in 5 different styles
  • Holds your zip ties with just the right amount of length exposed for easy access and quantity check
  • Made from Steel and then Powder Coated in our Endurance Black Finish
  • Mount to any flat surface in your garage or trailer using our optional hardware
  • Designed by us, tested, and used daily in our own facility

427 In The Ditch Garage Zip Tie Bin 4in ITD1810

Product Dimensions

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