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The Patented SP12,000™ is designed for those who want a more customized installation. We provide you the SP12,000™ without our Valve Body and Hydraulic Hoses, giving you the option of providing your own custom Hydraulic Controls. Typically this application is for those who order their Car Carrier or Wrecker with Factory Installed SidePuller Controls.

The SP12,000™ Includes Center Recovery Boom Head – Outer Removable Recovery Boom Head – 12,000 lb Winch with Tensioner Plate - Winch Free Spool with Easy Reach Handle – 7/16” x 100 ft Wire Rope – Adjustable SP Mounting Base– Installation Hardware - ITD Endurance™ Powder Coat Black Finish - Decal Package – Operation Manual (Online) – Shipping Stand.


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Left Pointing Orange Triangle Where can I purchase a SidePuller™?
You can purchase your SidePuller™ from any Authorized In The Ditch SidePuller™ Distributor. We do not sell direct to end users but we would be glad to help you with any questions you may have.
Left Pointing Orange Triangle Is the SP Series SidePuller™ Patented?
Yes! Patented under US Patent No. 8192135B2
Left Pointing Orange Triangle Why did you make the SP12,000™?
We designed the SP12,000™ because of the popularity of the 14 to 16 ton class of wreckers and larger Carriers. The SP12,000™ not only helps with recoveries off the side, in most cases it adds extra weight to the front axle of your truck, increasing towing capacities. I don’t believe there is a single person who has installed a SP12,000™ on their truck that didn’t think it was a great decision.
Left Pointing Orange Triangle Why didn't you just offer bigger winch on the SP9000™?
That would have been the easy way out, but quite simply it would not have been the right thing to do. The SP12,000™ is designed for larger Chassis, and has different loads imposed than the SP9000™. From the Frame Structure to the Stabilizer legs, everything needed to be bigger to sustain the increased loads. The SP12,000™ was designed from a clean slate. Every Component is matched for the rated pulls that will be imposed on it. We do not feel that there can be a one size fits all!
Left Pointing Orange Triangle What Size of truck is the SP12,000™ designed to fit?
Class 7 Truck Chassis from 26,000 to 33,000 GVWR with Frame Heights Between 36” to 42” Tall.
Left Pointing Orange Triangle Are there any other reasons I should not put the SP12,000™ on a Class 6 truck?
The SP12,000™ requires a taller frame height than most class 6 trucks offer. We dramatically increased the Stabilizer Legs over the SP9000™. If you use too low of a chassis there is a risk that the Stabilizer Feet may contact the ground while driving. Another reason is the size and strength of the frame and suspension. The frame and suspension components on a Class 6 Truck are not as big as a class 7 truck and may not support all the force a SP12,000™ can put on it.
Left Pointing Orange Triangle Can I pull straight back from the center boom head of the SP12,000™?
Yes! That was one of the main things we wanted from the design. We wanted to be able to run a line straight from the center boom head of the SidePuller™ straight back to the wrecker boom and have 3 lines off your boom. This would be very useful when picking with the 2 wrecker winch lines-you would have the 3rd SidePuller™ line to rotate the casualty. Pulling from the Center Boom Head on a Carrier is a powerful Recovery tool once you learn all of the Tips and Tricks. Pulling from the Center Boom Head would be my 1st choice for most recoveries; it works fantastic.
Left Pointing Orange Triangle What is the optional hook slide tray?
The optional hook slide tray is an option on the SP12,000™. The hook slide tray bolts on to the SidePuller™ and allows the operator to place the winch line on it and slide the hook and wire rope to the other side of the truck. I would recommend that anyone putting a SP12,000™ on a wrecker order the optional Hook Slide Tray.
Left Pointing Orange Triangle Explain The Differences between the SP12,000™ with Integrated Controls and the SP12,000™.
  • Let’s Start with the SP12,000™ with Integrated Controls. We made this unit to be a totally self-contained, plug and play unit. We have already installed the valve body and plumbed everything. We also pre-wired the Wireless Remote Control system. All you need to do is mount the SidePuller™, supply incoming Hydraulic Pressure, add a Return line and supply 12 volt Power. That’s it; we’ve done everything else.

  • Now let’s talk about the SP12,000™. When you order a new wrecker or carrier from a manufacturer, you can have it equipped with extra controls. These controls are generally factory installed near the rear of the chassis. We offer the SP12,000™ without integrated controls (which means that this unit does not include a Valve Body or wireless remote control), for those who wish to plumb these factory installed controls directly to their SP12,000™. All that is needed is to run hydraulic hoses from your wrecker or carrier’s valve body to the SP Stabilizer Leg Cylinders and Winch. This is a job that we recommend that you turn to your local Towing Equipment Dealership to do.
  • Left Pointing Orange Triangle Why Should I buy an In The Ditch SidePuller™?
    Nobody has been building SidePullers longer than us. We are not only the original inventors with a US Patent, but we have more years in the field and have perfected the design by listening to our customers. Point blank, we build the Best SidePuller you can buy and we back it with our love for the Towing Industry and our Commitment to you to not let you down.


    SP9000 Logo
    SP12,000 RATINGS
    Boom 12,000 lbs.
    Stablilizer Leg (each) 12,000 lbs.
    Winch 12,000 lbs.
    Wire Rope 7/16" x 100' Steel Core
    Weight 1500 lbs.
    Patent Number 8192135B2
    Chassis GVRW: Class 7 26,000 lbs. - 33,000 lbs.
    Recommended Minimum Additional Cab to Axle Spacing (Carriers) 12"
    Recommended Minimum Additional Cab to Axle Spacing (Wreckers) 17"
    Min - Max Frame Height 36" - 42"
    Min - Max Frame Width - Adjustable Mounting Base Width 33-3/4" to 34-3/4"
    Part Number ITD4710
    12,000 lb. WARN High Speed Severe Duty Planetary Winch Hydraulic Stabilizer Legs with Lock Valve Safety Features
    7/16" x 100' Steel Core Rope Self-Leveling Pavement Pads on Stabilizer Legs
    Winch Free Spool Handle (Easy Reach / Easy Pull) Fold Down Ground Penetrating Grousers on Stabilizer Legs
    Winch Tensioner Plate Adjustable LightBar Mount
    (8) Eight Tie Back Points Wire Routing System allows easy Wiring from Light Bar to Chassis
    Tuff Coat Gloss Black Finish Adjustable SP Mounting Base and Hardware
    Outer Recovery Boom Head Center Recovery Boom Head
    Prepped for User to Supply Hydraulic Valve / Control System
    Adjustable Light Bar Mounting Base (Factory Installed at ITD) Adjustable Light Bar Mounting Base (Field Installed - Requires Welding)
    SP Series Swept Wing Light Bar Pylon (Adjustable Height 91" Wide) Stainless Steel Dress Up Package
    SP Series Model-54 Adjustable Height SP-Light Bar Pylon 54" Wide Primer Gray, Ready for you to Paint Your Own Color
    SP Series Model-60 Adjustable Height SP-Light Bar Pylon 60" Wide
    SP Series Model-70 Adjustable Height SP-Light Bar Pylon 70" Wide

    Note: Due to constant changes in our designs, some information may change from time to time and become out of date. The above information is for general discussion only.
    For the most recent specifications, installation procedures and the latest copy of our operation manual please consult the SP Series Operation Manual found on this website.