Speed® Lube™ X-Series™ eXtreme Duty™ Dolly Set Plated: SLX-XD

SKU: ITD2890-P


The all new SLX-XD eXtreme Duty™ Dolly from In The Ditch™ has all of the great features of our all new XL Dolly, but with Through Spindle Lubrication rather than our Automotive Style Sealed Hub and Bearings. This option uses traditional style wheel bearings that can be greased by packing or by using our Speed® Lube™ Through Spindle Greasing System. Servicing your Speed® Dolly has never been easier. Our Speed® Lube™ Spindle allows grease to be pumped into the center of the spindle with a standard grease gun. It forces new grease into the spindle and bearings pushing the old grease out through the dust cap opening. This completely repacks the bearing with new clean grease without the mess. When it comes to High Capacity, the XD portion of the name says it’s an eXtreme Duty™ Dolly that is designed to be used in the most extreme conditions. With a 4,000lb Load Rating, this is a real Work Horse of a Self-Loading Dolly.


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Features & Benefits

  • Speed® Lube Through Spindle Lubrication System
  • X-Series™ Design is Lighter Weight than older models.
  • Billet Break Over Bar Receiver Tube (CNC Machined for Exact Fit)
  • Patented Cam Lock Design
  • Comfort Grip Billet Aluminum Carry Handle
  • ITD Exclusive Aluminum Wheels
  • Bolt-on, Easy to Replace Spindle with High Wear Bushings
  • Plated Zinc finish with ITD Endurance™ Powder Coat Black Spindles.
  • Dolly can be easily rolled or carried to the casualty with our Lock-n-Go Feature
  • University Tested to be the most ergonomic design in the industry.
  • 4,000 lb Capacity
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Product Dimensions

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Product Manual

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