Coat Hook

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Keep your shop coats, jackets, and welding smocks at the ready with our In The Ditch™ Wall Mounted Single Coat Hook. When space is at a premium this coat hanger is a great way to hold multiple shirts, coats, and jackets in one easy to access location. The smooth black ball knob end will hold one clothing article or hat, while the extra holes along its length will accommodate more coats on hangers. These hooks also work great to hang your welding shirt or smock and welding helmet. Aluminum alloy construction keeps your coat rack looking sharp even after years of faithful service. Mounting to any surface in your garage or trailer is simple, just select your mounting surface and choose the appropriate hardware for your mounting surface. We designed these for use in our manufacturing facility and put a lot of thought into getting everything just right. Like most of the products we make, we designed them because no one seemed to build what we wanted that actually worked.

*Mounting Hardware Not Included


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Features & Benefits

  • Industrial hook made to hold all your shop wear, coats, and jackets
  • Made from Aluminum to hold up to your heaviest coats
  • Ball knob end to hang jackets on with extra holes to accommodate additional coats on hangers

674 In The Ditch Garage Coat Hook ITD1851

Product Dimensions

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