Car Carrier Dolly Mount

SKU: ITD1347


"Finally, a place to store your Speed® Dolly on your Car Carrier". Many of you have been calling, asking us to design a way to store Dollies on a Car Carrier. We answered the call with the Car Carrier Dolly Mount. This is a hybrid mount that is made from steel and aluminum, the top portion that mounts to your truck frame is made from ¼" thick steel and comes in our Endurance™ Powder Coat Black Finish. The bottom part that holds your Speed® Dolly is made from 3/16" thick Aluminum and can be adjusted to fit all 4:80 x 8 tires. We also designed an integrated latch system that can be locked with a pad-lock to keep your Speed® Dolly Secured. The Car Carrier Dolly Mount is sold each, and is designed to hold the In The Ditch™ Brand, Speed® Dolly. To make a set, order two.


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Features & Benefits

  • Product sold as each; To make a set, order two.
  • Product Weight: 60LBS.
  • Integrated Lock System
  • Adjustable To Fit All 4:80 x 8 Tires


Product Dimensions

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Product Manual

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