Screw Lock Industrial Pegboard Hook 3″ (10 Pack)

SKU: ITD1835


Get your garage organized today with In The Ditch™ Heavy Duty Locking Pegboard Hooks. They come in 5 lengths to meet your tool hanging and storage needs: 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch. Heavy duty aluminum alloy construction makes these peg board hooks lightweight and strong. Our hooks are made so they can be installed stacked next to each other in adjacent peg holes to conserve pegboard space and keep your tool organization tight and professional looking. Designed to perfectly and easily mount directly to peg board using our optional Peg Board Screws that won’t damage your peg board and can be used over and over.

*Mounting Hardware Not Included


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Features & Benefits

  • Small but mighty aluminum construction to hold even your heavier items with ease
  • Tall hook end and sloped hanger section keeps items securely on the hook and pushed toward the wall
  • Integrated tail means the hook will index vertically when installed
  • Made of Aluminum for light weight and high strength
  • Designed by us, tested, and used daily in our own facility

688 In The Ditch Garage Heavy Duty Locking Pegboard Hook 3 inch ITD1835

Product Dimensions

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