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Why Choose Us

Here at In The Ditch, we are a family-owned business that’s been in Mountain
Home for over 20 years, with no plans to move. Our company is filled with people
who have degrees, and those that don’t. All have the same opportunity to advance
within our organization based on their efforts. We have found great success by
recruiting people who are excited about working here and buy into our culture. We
truly believe in coaching and developing people who have a great attitude, work
ethic, and want to leave their mark on the world.
At In The Ditch, we value people for their enthusiasm, commitment, hard work,
and ability to do things better each day, not just for their certifications and degrees,
or for the buzzwords on their resumes. We love candidates that believe that
our only opportunity to win in the marketplace will come by hiring and retaining the
best people in the industry. If you have the desire to help us build a great company
and want to surround yourself with people who share the same vision, please apply

Why Apply

Great pay
• Health insurance
• Matching IRA contributions
• Paid holidays
• Paid time off
• Leadership training events held weekly
• Plenty of opportunity for advancement
• Company lunches (Be sure to check out our
crazy lunch videos)
• Incredible opportunities to advance and
• Great opportunity to make a difference in
our world by working with people that
really care.
• We are a company that truly believes in
getting better each and every day. This
goes for our company and the people who
work here.

Company Culture

We’re not just another manufacturing
company. We are first and foremost a
lean manufacturer. We believe in the
value of hard work and the dedication
to quality. We empower our employees
to make changes for the better, in the
pursuit of perfection. We know that our
people are the most important assets
and the cause for our success. We do
everything according to our company
culture, and we only work with the kinds
of people we would want in our lifeboat.
Everything here has a home; and when
you work here, you do too.


Our Engineering Department takes a hands-on approach to problem solving
and product design. We spend as much time on the shop floor as we do at
our desk. We focus a lot of our efforts on new product development. In fact,
in the last 12 months, we invented and brought to market over 100 new
products. We are also looking for talented individuals who have a strong
aptitude, a desire to invent, design and want to improve processes. Our
engineering positions vary from Mechanical Engineer (degree required) to
Manufacturing Engineer where no degree is required.

CNC Laser

Our Laser Department features state-of-the-art Trumpf brand lasers. These
machines will accept sheet sizes up to 5ft x 10ft, and will cut steel up to ¾
in thick. We have positions ranging from entry-level part sorting to advanced
machine operation. Don’t worry — if you have never run a laser, we will train
you here onsite. We are looking for talented individuals who enjoy working
with their hands, working with metal, learning about machinery, and have a
great attitude.

CNC Lathes

We operate HAAS brand turning centers. Our machines have multiple-axis,
and utilize live-tooling along with bar-feeders. Our Machining department is
clean, fun, and very professional. The crew in this department enjoys getting
the most out of the machinery and the people that operate them. These
positions require at least 3 years of experience, or a degree in machining.


We operate Trumpf brand 6-axis pressbrakes with capacities up to 250 tons.
These are some of the most advanced forming machines on planet Earth. If
you enjoy fabrication and enjoy working with large sophisticated machinery,
this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. We are willing to train
the right person who has a great attitude, enjoys coming to work, and wants
to be the best they can be.

CNC Milling

Our Haas milling centers feature automatic tool-changers, through-spindle
coolant, and multi-axis part positioners. We have openings for individuals
who really enjoy operating CNC machinery, and know how to get the most
out of the machine and themselves. We encourage all of our operators to
learn our machine programing software so they can work directly with our
engineers in new part development. This position requires at least 3 years of
experience, or a degree in machining.


Our Welding Shop is unlike anything you have ever seen. We have a big sign over
the door that says “Welcome to Paradise” and we encourage each department
to build their own version of paradise. Our welding department has done just
that. They have created one of the most advanced and clean welding shops you
will ever see. They take pride in all they do, and will expect the same from you.
We are looking for individuals who have a solid set of MIG welding skills. We
don’t need any certifications, and will help you through mentoring and training,
but you must be able to weld proficiently using MIG welding.

Robotic Welding

We operate Lincoln brand robotic welding cells. We are planning on installing
6 more in our new facility, so getting skilled operators is a very high priority
for us. We have positions from basic machine operators to advanced
machine operators with programing skills. We utilize offline virtual 3-D weld
programming, and would like to find individuals who not only enjoy welding,
but enjoy using computers, and operating advanced machinery, along with
advanced thinking and problem-solving.

Powder Coating

Our Powder Coating department prepares and powder coats products to a
high standard. The sky’s the limit in this position with unlimited opportunity
for advancement. If you have great attitude and a desire to get better every
day, we would love to teach you the skills you will need to succeed here. If
you want to work in a clean, organized shop that believes in helping people
get what they want, this may be the job for you.

Shipping & Receiving

Our Shipping and Receiving Department is full of people who are excited
about life. They always have great music playing and enjoy being busy.
They are always setting the standard for how things should be done. If
you enjoy a fast-paced environment that is fun and rewarding, then this
could be just what you are looking for. You will learn to operate a forklift,
skin-packaging machines, and automated pallet-wrappers. Plus, you’ll
get to work with the coolest people around.


Our Accounting Department is one of the most fun places to work. Everyone
in that department enjoys laughing and making the best of each day. Our
accounting department does way more than just crunch numbers all day.
They are a very big part of our company’s overall financial well-being, and
play an active role in all areas of our manufacturing processes. You will find
our accounting crew out on the shop floor almost as much as you will find
them at their desk. They really get involved in our entire company. If you have
a degree in accounting or bookkeeping, please send us your resume.


Our Administration Department is the real lifeblood of our organization. They
are the ones who really set the tone and bring excitement to all areas. They
really get involved in leading and improving the way we do business. We are
always on the lookout for individuals who have a strong set of administrative
skills along with a great outgoing personality. We are looking for enthusiastic
people who can bring a lot of energy to our company.


Our sales staff is a very committed bunch. They focus more on our customers
than they do on the time clock. With sales all over the world, we need a very
committed sales staff that always puts the customer first. While we don’t do
many outside sales calls, we do attend trade shows, so some travel would be
a part of this position. We are looking for enthusiastic and committed individuals
to not only sell, but who want to help us grow and want to take over
the sales world. (muahahahaha)

Graphic Design

We believe in doing everything in-house — from photography to design and
printing. We are a company that is in control of its own destiny. We don’t rely
on others; we rely on our crew to get the job done efficiently, and with style.
In fact, our Graphics Department designed this entire catalog. If you want
to work where you can truly utilize your talents, we may be just what you’re
looking for.

Web Development

We have full control of all of our websites and design them all in-house. We
want to be fast when it comes to changing our site or managing our social
networks. We can do this because we have our own in-house web design
team and social networking group. If you are extremely talented in web
design, social media, or SEO please apply today. We do not want any boring
people, just the best of the best who bring excitement and an unwavering
desire to be the best they can be.

Video Production

Our facility includes a multi-purpose recording studio with floor-to-ceiling
green cyc wall with pipe grid for flying lights, strobes, and audio equipment.
We shoot on Canon and Sony still and cinema cameras and work in a PC
based ecosystem, utilizing Premiere Pro, After Effects, and the entire Adobe
CC suite. Edit workstations include Boxx™ liquid cooled computers supporting
multiple 4k displays. Video crew members are given the opportunity to
learn to operate aerial drones. We frequently travel to remote locations to
film adventure and product videos. Collaborate closely with the marketing
department and document our journey as a company while we continue to
grow at a rapid rate. We give the creative freedom needed to succeed in
your craft while helping our company reach new heights in the quality of
content that we create. We are ridiculously passionate about our work
and are fully committed to developing the best video department we can.

Inside In The Ditch

leadership meetings
Weekly leadership meetings inspire, motivate, and
challenge us to develop not only as employees,
but as people. Establishing common goals are
how we thrive in the current marketplace. Our
employees are highly-encouraged to participate
in these meetings, as they set each person up for
success. That’s the In The Ditch™ way.
company lunches
Team-building is very important to us at In The
Ditch™. To keep in touch with departments that
may be disconnected from our daily interactions,
we’ve set up monthly lunches, where all
employees gather to eat and participate in fun
games created by the department that won the
challenge the previous month. From football to
broomsky, you won’t find a more entertaining
company lunch anywhere else.

How To Apply

In The Ditch Towing Products is a
manufacturing company located in
Mountain Home, Idaho. We are a
company that has invented and brought
several hundred products to market.
At In The Ditch™, we strive to be a great
company built around great people and
great products. We believe in having full
control of our product line by doing our
own engineering, marketing, production
and sales. Don’t let our small-town
location lead you to believe that we
are not a competitive manufacturing
company. We have won several awards
for our manufacturing abilities including
2 time winner of the Idaho Spirit of
Continuous Innovation award. We have
been featured in dozens of magazines
and TV shows for our innovative products
and people.
Come work at a state-of-the-art facility
where we operate Lasers, CNC Press
Brakes, CNC Turning Centers, CNC Mills
and Robotic Welding Cells. The people
here are truly exceptional and love what
they do. We all have a sense of pride
when we say “Made in America”. All of
this pride comes from a deep desire to
be better each day but perhaps the thing
we are the proudest of are our company
antics and company culture (just check
out our videos on our YouTube channel
or at
If you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and
want to work with a company where you
can make a difference, then this may be
the place for you.