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In The Ditch Towing Products opens doors


October 2006 – Mountain Home, Idaho – Since Idaho Wrecker Sales has licensed the SP8000™ and the SP20,000™ to Miller Industries, I have been freed up to finish long-ago dreams and designs. With my love for the industry and out of my great admiration for Donnie Cruse, we have started In The Ditch Towing Products to design, build, and manufacture products for towing and equipment distributors.

We have just constructed a new building and purchased new manufacturing equipment to support this venture. Our mantra or motto is “Let’s not worry how cars were towed in the last 10 years, but rather how they will be towed in the next 10 years.”

We have been looking at towing dollies for some time now. When I towed they were heavy and awkward to handle. I always felt there should be a better way. We started designing a new set quite a while back. We talked with several towing companies and gathered information. Every person we talked with wanted lightweight, easy to use, higher capacity, and well balanced units with new mounting options.

What came from this information is the new patent pending Speed Dolly™. We designed the Speed Dolly™ to exceed everyone’s needs. The companies that have been testing this design have said it’s the best dolly they have ever used. After several months of testing, we are ready for release.

We have created the lightest dolly in the industry, with the highest load capacity. We are so confident about this new product that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee on the Speed Dolly™.

Along with the Speed Dolly™, we offer several new mounting options. The first are the patent pending Drop Down Dolly Box™ and the new Speed Mount™.

Ask your local dealer to carry the Speed Dolly™ or contact us to find a distributor.  We have several other new products coming out, so keep an eye out on our website www.InTheDitch.com

We plan on bringing some new and innovative products to Baltimore in November, so drop by our booth and say hello to us at the Baltimore Tow Show.