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Inventive Products releases the XD Universal Fit Mud Flap


May, 2012 – Mountain Home, IdahoXD Mudflap_Rise Position
Inventive Products, manufacturer of the XD Hitch and Swivel-Loc Hitch announced last week the release of their XD Universal Fit Mud Flap. The XD Universal Fit Mud Flap can be mounted to any hitch on the market, and is available for standard 2” x 2” receivers (Part Number ITD9401) and larger 2.5” x 2.5” receivers (Part Number ITD9187LR).XD Universal Fit Mud Flap includes the XD Quick Mount Base that enables the Mud Flap to be easily removed when not in use and easily re-installed by inserting and single pin. The XD Universal Fit Mud Flap is adjustable vertically and horizontally. The pivoting arms give the user 17 inches of vertical adjustment up and down and the telescoping arms can be adjusted 76” to 102” wide. The 24” x 24” mud flap can also be trimmed for additional adjustment.

The XD Universal Fit Mud Flap still installs flawlessly on any XD Hitch, Inventive Products’ signature hitch. XD Hitch owners simply sit the XD Universal Fit Mud Flap directly on top of the XD Hitch and install with the included side pin.

Hitch owners can purchase additional XD Quick Mount Bases to install on their other hitches to transfer the Mud Flap from one vehicle to another in seconds. The XD Universal Fit Mud Flap and additional bases can be purchased through any authorized Inventive Products dealer, or by visiting www.inventivehitches.com.

Quick Mount for XD Mud FlapInventive Products is the manufacturer of the patented XD Hitch and patented Swivel-Loc Hitch. The Swivel-Loc Hitch, XD Hitch and all attachments are proudly made in the USA. You can learn more at www.inventivehitches.com or find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.