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In The Ditch converts all painted products to Tuff Coat premium paint


March, 2010- Mountain Home, Idaho – In The Ditch is happy to announce that effective as of January 1st, 2010, all painted products will now be painted with our new Tuff Coat paint. In The Ditch has worked extensively with BASF to create a finish that will hold up to towing conditions, resulting in our new Tuff Coat finish. The process involves a chemical treatment to the bare metal, followed by painting the metal with an epoxy primer and 2 coats of urethane paint applied as a top coat.Tuff Coat Finish

In order to complete this process, In The Ditch has invested in two state-of-the-art plural-component paint systems. This is just another step In The Ditch Towing Products has taken to ensure you receive high quality products we can give you.

This new paint process is important because currently competitors use a low quality paint finish or primer, which results in your product rusting and/or paint chipping quickly. In The Ditch is the first company to offer a 100% ready-to-work finish, not a primer.


Photo 2869 shows the new tuff coat paint after 500 hour of salt spray testing. Photo 2691 Shows an alkyd enamel paint after the same amount of time. Photo 2692 shows the Tuff Coat paint with a simulated rock chip after 240 hours in a calcium chloride spray test.