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ITD releases instructional video for the Speed® Dolly


February, 2010- Mountain Home, Idaho – In The Ditch Towing Products is proud to announce the release of its new instructional video for the Speed Dolly. The video is now available at www.InTheDitch.com, YouTube and by calling 1-888-993-4824 or 208-587-7960.

The video features information on the proper usage of the Speed Dolly, how the Speed Dolly differs from other self-loading tow dollies, how to maintain the Speed Dolly, how to engage and disengage the cam-lock design, how to roll the Speed Dolly to a recovery and how to use the Speed Dolly in tight squeeze areas, such up against a wall. The video also explains the benefits of the patented cam-over design over other dolly models on the market.

The new video will also be sent out with all new Speed Dolly sales as a video operations manual. This is a step to ensure that all Speed Dolly users understand all the benefits of this revolutionary design.