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Please fill out the Warranty Registration form found on this page to register your equipment. By submitting the information below within 15 days of your purchase, your warranty transfer will be validated, and it ensures that your equipment will be protected. If we should ever need to contact you concerning the compliance of your registered equipment with any applicable safety standards, the information you have provided on the warranty registration transfer below will ensure your immediate notification.

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Towing by nature is a dangerous activity where Towing Professionals assume the risk of serious injury, or death. In The Ditch Towing Products are intended to only be used by Trained and Certified Towing professionals! If you are not trained and certified in proper and Safe Towing Procedures DO NOT USE these products.

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By checking this box, I verify that I have read and understand Terms and Conditions, Limitation of Liability, and Assumption of Risk set by In the Ditch.

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By checking this box, I verify that I have read and understand the most current operations manuals for using this product-located at manuals.intheditch.com. ITD regularly updates operations manuals; be sure to visit for the most up to date copy.

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